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Hello! My name is David Ruckman and I'm the lead Internet developer and Sitecore Architect for a leading global advisory, broking and solutions company.

I've been doing computer programming since before there was such thing as an Internet. Over the years I've worked as a team member, team lead, and consultant, and had the opportunity to work on a lot of really interesting projects with a lot of really interesting people. I've worked as Architect, Developer, Department Director, Pre-Sales Lead and Team Lead.  I have developed websites and CMS solutions, of course, but also done a lot of work in the areas of web analytics, mobile app development, game and simulation development, e-commerce, image processing and OCR, and much more.

Some of my technical interests are Sitecore Experience Platform, Analytics platforms like Adobe, Google and Sitecore, Search technologies like GSA, Coveo, Lucene and Solr, SOA platforms such as Biztalk, mobile development on Xamarin, database development on SQL and NoSql databases, etc.

So what is my goal with this blog? Well, I remember back to the days when you had to have stacks of technical reference books in your office to get anything done. You had to memorize syntax for multiple languages, try to remember every little glitch and bug you ever experienced so you could try to avoid them in the future. You basically had to be a human code library in order to program even the simplest of solutions. Now, of course, things are different. You see an error in the logs, you Google it and find 100 other developers who had the same problem and what their various solutions were. I, like every other developer in the world, have leaned heavily on other developers who were generous enough to share their learnings with me. This blog is my way of contributing positively to the software development community and paying forward to the next generation of developers and IT leaders.

I intend to share technical quick-wins, gotchas and solutions to some of the most vexing problems I've encountered. I also will occasionally provide my perspectives and "life hacks" around being a team leader and innovator in world that is complex and sometimes difficult to navigate.

Additionally from time to time I'd like to present a "major" write up on interesting things I'm working on. For example, I recently architected and developed a solution to manage a unified Sitecore/GA analytics implementation using Google Tag Manager. I will also occasionally share completed modules or projects with source code which I hope you will find interesting and useful.

Enough about me - on to some serious blogging!


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